4 GB
Product name: iPod Nano 3 Style MP4 Player
Product color: Green, Blue, Silver,Red,Black    
1.Support Video and Audio:Formats of MP3, WMA, WAV, ASF etc   
2. 1.8 inch TFT screen display      
3.SRS stereo sound effect        
4.Build in FM Radio        
5.Digital sound recording        
6.TXT text reading function         
7.Support JPG pictures browse       
8.Build in Li-battery        
9.Supports the multi-countries languages     
10 Synchronized song name, lyrics demonstration    
Packing box, battery charger, earphone line, USB line, Compact disc, Manual


2.8" Touch Screen MP4 Player + Camera + SD Card Slot
2.8-inch TFT Touch screen and handle writing    
1.3M Pixels Camera,4X digital zoom      
Support AVI/MP4 video format        
Support MP1/MP2/MP3 / WMA/VWA music format    
Support JPEG photo format      
Support Games; Calendar ; E-book          
Supports multi-countries languages       
Support MINI-SD card          
Build in FM radio and Speaker      
Build in LI Battery         
Earphone jack: 3.5mm        
8 GB
2.8" Touch Screen MP4 Player Mini SD Card Slot
Capacity: 2GB,4GB,8GB          
2.8-inch 320 x 240 TFT touchscreen         
Support most reach as high as the 2GB Mini SD card expansion    
Support Mutli-Audio file types: MP3/WMA, double non-damage formats (APE,FLAC)
Support Video file types: MPEG-4 (AVI),Xvid(320*240 at 24fps)     
Build in FM Radio          
Recordings: Direct Recordings and FM Tuner Recordings             
Support JPG and TXT file (Pictures viewer and ebook reading)     
Multi-Tasking: Player Mp3 and Read ebook at same time     
Support LRC lyric when you play mp3 music       
Build in 1800 mAh Li-polymer Battery ( 40 hours music playback & 8 Hours video playback )

2.4" Screen with 1.3M Camera, AV out Function
2.4 inches of TFT screen,260 K color       
Support SD card for memory expansion (card slot)    
1.3 Mega pixels camera function (DV vidicon function)    
Video function: Supports MEPG-4 of ASF format    
Audio function: support MP3, WMA format and EQ balance modes and playing mode
AV out: output the video and audio signal onto TV, supports NTSC / PAL 
Support JPG pictures browsing ,e-book reading    
Built-in microphone and Long recording function.    
Movable hard-disk function        
Support Multi-Languages, Built-in Li battery    

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